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Our Fees

A brief overview
  For most of our clients our services are 100% free. In Shanghai the property owner pays the agency a finders fee for assisting them locate a suitable tenant. In exchange for this fee Shanghai Finder passes on the highest quality value added services at no charge to you, the tenant.
  When we do charge fees, it is meant to cover the costs of your pre-requested value added services ONLY when Shanghai Finder was unable to collect a finder's fee. This could only occur if your lease was for a period of less then 12 months, or if you simply were unable to use our property search services due to various reasons.
  We prefer to be very clear about our fees in advance, as to avoid the unfortunate tricks which seem to occur elsewhere. If you have questions, just feel free to ask.


Email consulting, pre-move services
  Free of charge, or by donation.
  We sincerely hope that our efforts at providing you the information you need, and our ability to offer unbiased answers will greatly assist your relocation. We are confident that we are Shanghai's best relocation services provider, and we sincerely hope we will have the opportunity to prove that to you.
   For those who are unable to use services for which we are paid however do wish to compensate us for our time, we have set up a simple donations page. We do thank you for your support so far!

Pudong Skyline

Preview trips, School Searches
  Free of charge or $85 usd per day. We understand how important a customized preview trip is to helping you make an informed decision about reloctaing to Shanghai. For clients who intend to use our property leasing services, we offer this for free. For those who are unable to secure a lease through us, we request payments of $85 USD per full preview trip day to help us offset the costs of providing this service to you. If you pay us for this service, however do end up leasing with us, then this fee is fully refunded to you.

Orientations, City Tours
  Free of charge or $85 USD per day. Shanghai orientations are customized, in depth tours of the places that are essential to most expatriates live's in Shanghai. These are provided for free to clients who have signed leases by using our home search services. These are designed to each client's tastes and needs and generally last one or two days. We do provide orientation services for clients who were unable to sign leases through us, however must charge $85 USD per day to cover our associated costs.
  City tours or trips to tourist areas are often conducted for our clients, or their guests. Generally there is a charge of $85USD per day for this service, depending upon the tour destination.

Shanghai Grand Theatre

Shanghai Streets
Home searches, Lease negotiation and signing
  Free of charge. For leases of 12 months or longer, our fees are paid by the propery owner, so there is no charge for these services to you.
  If you happen to need a serviced apartment for less then 12 months, please contact us and we can see if we are able to assist you.

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