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The Shanghai Leasing Process


You can help us!
The key to Shanghaifinder helping you is for us to learn exactly what you want. A modern high-floor apartment with a great view or a 4 bedroom villa and a garden set out in the suburbs? If you're not sure, we advise you to contact us so we can direct you to where to get the best information on Shanghai's areas, rental rates and propery types. If you do already know what you want, please contact us with your budget, preferred property size and preferred location. We shall send you back a list of selected Properties for you to visit upon your arrival in Shanghai. We'll be reworking this list as new properties emerge or as feedback is received from you.

Propery Search - Shanghai
Once you are in Shanghai, your customized list of propetries will be our guide to finding you your new home. Our tours are designed to take as much, or as little time as you need. After every tour you are able to select those that you wish to revisit. After subsequent visits and the selection of a final property, you or your HR staff will communicate your basic leasing terms to us. These terms will be submitted by us as an offer letter which will be accepted, reworked or rejected by the property owner. When the offer letter terms are finalized and agreed upon by both parties, we then work the terms into a draft contract which is presented to both parties.

After all terms and conditions of contract are agreed upon, both parties sign three contracts, one which is submitted to the municipal government. On the day of moving in, a hand-over inspection of the premises is done. Any follow-up needed will take place at a time suitable to you.
Generally, the longer the term, the lower the price. For larger properties bringing your own furniture can also lower the rental price somewhat, however if units are only available pre-furnished, this can cause difficulties.
Nearly all properties charge management fees of around 5% per month. These are meant to be used for upkeep of the public areas, the facilities and security.
In addition to management fees there are utilities fees such as telephone, water, gas and electricity. Sometimes a utility allowance can be included in the lease. Depending on the compound there may also be car parking fees.
A security deposit of the equivalent of one to two months rent is paid by the tenant to ensure that the full term of the lease is carried out and any damages are compensated. The security deposit is fully refundable at the termination of the lease as long as there are no outstanding issues. You will also need to pay the first month's rent in advance. These should be paid into a specified bank account in RMB or US Dollars in Mainland China. The landlord will provide you with an official tax receipt.
Short Term Leases
Short Term leases are available in some serviced apartments, however generally not in villas or privately owned apartments. For short term leases, shanghaifinder.com is only able to assists with short term leases of over $3000USD / month and / or 6 months or longer.



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