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  Since we understand that every expatriate relocation is unique, we make sure we don't limit our services to what "everyone else does". At Shanghai Finder we take steps to go the extra mile to make sure your time in Shanghai will be the best of your life - whatever it takes.

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While its not essential, the majority of our clients contact us well before a trip to Shanghai so that they can get answers to their important questions. We understand that this advising and information gathering process is an important part of a bigger decision making process - and we're happy to help as best we can.

  Whether you need help with questions such as "what area should I live in?" or "is my housing budget enough?" or "how can I learn to speak Chinese?", we'll do our best to give educated opinions. Perhaps you're "confused about schooling options" or you simply "love to ____ and want to know if that is possible in Shanghai." Don't worry, we'll find out.


"Thank you Michael for making our relocation so easy to handle! Thanks to you our kids continued their sporting lives without pause and we have a great home that my husband and I absolutely love - within our "tough" budget"
-E. Thurman  (USA)

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  Shanghai is an enormous city and it is often important for you or your family to visit before you commit to living here. Preview trips are designed for this purpose. We customize each trip towards what you need to see with you own eyes. Typically preview trips are conducted for two or three days, however some people need a few more.
   While most preview trips involve visits to properties and schools, we have in the past also taken clients to see grocery stores, furniture stores, medical facilities, dental clinics, maid service companies, car dealerships, churches, concerts, jazz clubs, parks, gyms, swimming pools, golf courses, expat associations and much, much more.

  Where and how you live will have a big effect on the quality of your stay in Shanghai. With your help we will be able to pinpoint the ideal location that meets your lifestyle, and find a property that suits your specific budget requirements.
  Unlike other companies, we prefer not to push you into properties or scare you into losing leases on which don't match your exact criteria. We prefer to simply show you more properties until YOU decide you're happy. After all, its your home.
   Once you've settled on a property we help arrange the offer letter, contract negotiation, contract signing and deposit and rent payment terms. Often this is coordinated by us directly with your company's HR department.
   We will also be there for the pre-inspection, your move in and will be only a phone call away to help with all lease related items such as telephone hook-ups, satellite TV installations, DSL hook-ups and other utility charges.
   When you are ready to move out we will be available to assist with your lease termination, deposit refund and any other related items.

"Although I didn' use Shanghai Finder to find my home, I wish I had! They did provide excellent orientations for my wife and made sure she felt comfortable making the BIG move. Thanks!"
 M. Gurfield (Canada)

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We understand how busy you are, and how time consuming it can be to research properties and schools in Shanghai. Feel free to simply ask any questions you may have and our expatriate agents will respond as soon as possible:

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